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The blood that surges through the veins of Latin America is an ancient blood that flows through every stone, courses through every plant, and submerges every border that has ever tried to restrain it.

Poet Julio Cesar Villegas II

Author of Memories of an Old World




Developed with:

Milagro Theatre (Portland, OR), INGENIO 2019

Echo Theatre Company (LA), NYPR 2018


Semi-Finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Playwrights Foundation 2019

Semi-Finalist, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, id Theatre 2019


The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home

Developed with:

Pipeline Theatre Company (NYC), PlayLab 2019


Corkscrew Theatre Festival (New York City, NY) 2021

Sangre Mía

Developed with:

The Playwrights Realm (NYC), Scratchpad 2019

Company One Theatre (Boston), PlayLab Fellow 2018


Betsy Carpenter Playwriting Award, Emerson College 2017


Developed with:

Rareworks Theatre Company (Boston), New Works Commission 2016


Outstanding Writing for the Stage, EVVY Awards, Emerson College 2017


Teatro Espejo's Summer One-Act Festival (Sacramento, CA) 2018



Citrus Fruits

Developed for and Produced By:

The One-Minute Play Festival, Boston, 2020

Visions of an Eagle atop a Cactus eating a Snake

Developed for and Produced By:

Boston Children's Theatre, Boston Theatre Marathon, 2019


Winding Road Theater Ensemble's "Eight 10s in Tucson," (Tucson, AZ) 2020

Tus Hijos

Developed for and Produced By:

The One-Minute Play Festival, Boston, 2019

Interested in Reading My Work?

My plays can be found in their entirety on my New Play Exchange profile for those with an NPX account. You can also download a collection of play excerpts using the link below. Otherwise, feel free to use the contact me page to send me a script request.


Along with playwriting, Andrew is a scriptwriter for Cocotazo Media's audio fiction series, "Timestorm." Now in its second season, the series tells the story of the Ventura twins who are yanked into another dimension where they meet a distant cousin who gives them an extraordinary mission: travel through time to preserve their culture’s true history.

Barometer themed logo for the audi ficton series, Tmestorm.


LA CHUPA (Prose, The Grief Diaries, 2017

LO SIENTO MIGUEL (Collection of Short Stories, Wilde Press, 2017)

A CORRIDO FOR MARIA and PASCUA (Prose, Stork Literary Magazine, Issue 23, 2017)

LA PLAZA DE LOS LAGARTOS (Prose, Concrete Literary Magazine, 2017)

OUR LADY and A PRAYER FOR LALO (Prose, Stork Literary Magazine, Issue 22, 2016)

CARDBOARD BOX (Prose, Stork Literary Magazine, Issue 21, 2016)


The Playwrights Realm

2020 Reader, The Playwrights Realm (New York City, NY)

Kitchen Dog New Works Festival

2020 Reader, Kitchen Dog Theater (Dallas, TX)

Campfire Theatre Festival

2020 Reader, Campfire Theatre Company (Boise, ID)

2019 Reader, Campfire Theatre Company (Boise, ID)

One-Minute Theatre Festival

2020 Writer, Boston #1MPF (Boston)

2019 Writer, Boston #1MPF (Boston)

Mad Dash: A Theatrical Event in 24 Hours

2019 Writer, Fresh Ink Theatre Company (Boston)

2018 Writer, Fresh Ink Theatre Company (Boston)

Boston Theatre Marathon

2019 Writer, Boston Children's Theatre (Boston)

Artistic Development: Corkscrew Theater Festival (Corkscrew Theater Festival, New York City, NY, '20-21); Huntington Playwriting Fellow (Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, MA '19-21); Scratchpad Playwright (The Playwrights Realm, New York City, NY '19); INGENIO Playwright (Milagro Theatre, Portland, OR '19); Gish Jen Fellow (The Writers' Room of Boston, Boston, MA '19); PlayLab Writer (Pipeline Theatre Company, New York City, NY '18-19); PlayLab Fellow (Company One, Boston, MA '18-18); National Young Playwright in Residence (Echo Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA ‘17-18); PlayLab Bootcamp (Company One, Boston, MA, Fall ‘17); Creative Producer Training (ArtsEmerson, Boston, MA ‘15-17).

Audio Drama Credits: Timestorm (Scriptwriter, Cocotazo Media); Tales of the San Patricios (Showrunner, Sound Escape Productions); Someone Dies In This Elevator (Scriptwriter/Actor, Sound Escape Productions); The Minerva 7 (Showrunner); Super Secret (Scriptwriter, SECRET).

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