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"In [Andrew's writing] we are given snapshots into the strifes of the Chicanx experience upon the border: of knowing that many Heavens exist within many Hells, yet remaining uncertain as to whether either of the kingdoms will grant you any sense of a salvation."


Poet Julio Cesar Villegas II, Memories of an Old World


A RIVER BECOMES A FAMILY A Full Length Adventure Play

After being visited by an ancient Zapotec god, the Ortiz Twins are sent on a harrowing adventure to their father's old village in Oaxaca in search of a long forgotten family secret. On their way, they will come across figures spanning not only their family's history, but Mexico's as well. Old gods, ghosts from the revolution, the young crocodile wrestler their abuelo once was, and many others as they unwind the thread that brought their family to the states.

In Development with: Pipeline Theatre Company (New York City), PlayLab 2019

Mentored by: Amy Gijsbers van Wijk (Playwright)

BORDERLINE A Full Length Play 3M/2W

We are all told ghost stories as kids, but for children of color, those stories are about more than just what goes bump in the night. They are very real warnings about the world outside their home. In the old cotton fields of Socorro, Texas, Enzo and Rosita have snuck away to write ghost stories, Tony and Veronica are both building up the courage to tell the other a secret, and an old man sings songs on a radio as he tries to make up for his past, all while a creature is lurking in the shadows.

Developed with: Echo Theatre Company (Los Angeles), National Young Playwright in Residence Program 2018

Mentored by: Daria Polatin (Playwright, TV Writer & Producer, Best Selling Author)

Workshop Reading with: Alex Alpharaoh (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer)

SANGRE MÍA A Full Length Play 2m/1W

Sangre Mía follows Carreon, an Iraq war veteran who has returned to his hometown of El Paso, Texas to take part in a whole new conflict. Immigration. Tasked with speaking to immigrants, Carreon must navigate a rigid evaluation system all while a spectre from his past haunts him. His wife, whose face he sees in all those he wants to help, is the only person that can keep him grounded in this world. In Carreon is the guilt and regret that comes with serving a country he loves while it oppresses his own people.

Developed with: Company One Theatre (Boston), Fellows Program 2018

Mentored by: Francisca Da Silveira (Playwright, Dramaturg); Kirsten Greenidge (Playwright)

RUBEN A One-Act Play 2M/1W

Ruben tells the story of Mexican-American journalist Ruben Salazar. Ruben has a long history of writing for the LA Times and covering stories such as American occupation of the Dominican Republic, the War in Vietnam, and the Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexico City, all leading up to his death at the Chicano Moratorium in LA in 1970. This is a history play told from his point of view, exploring the need for journalism that covers the stories of all those oppressed.

Developed with: RareWorks Theatre Company & Mercutio Troupe (Boston), 2016

Recent Productions: Teatro Espejo's 2018 Summer One-Act Festival (Sacramento, CA), 2018


LA CHUPA (Prose, The Grief Diaries, 2017

LO SIENTO MIGUEL (Collection of Short Stories, Wilde Press, 2017)

A CORRIDO FOR MARIA and PASCUA (Prose, Stork Literary Magazine, Issue 23, 2017)

LA PLAZA DE LOS LAGARTOS (Prose, Concrete Literary Magazine, 2017)

OUR LADY and A PRAYER FOR LALO (Prose, Stork Literary Magazine, Issue 22, 2016)

CARDBOARD BOX (Prose, Stork Literary Magazine, Issue 21, 2016)


Campfire Theatre Festival (Reader, Campfire Theatre, Fall 2018)

Mad Dash: A Theatrical Event in 24 Hours (Writer, Fresh Ink Theatre Company, July 2018)