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Narrative Design Portfolio

Firesong DLC (2022)

Quest Content
Dragon Frog Dilema (Minor Side Quest)
Daily Quests Dispensed by
Juline Courcelles


Molith the Mudcrab (Children's Book)
The Dame of Castle Navire (Sea Shanty)
Mirah's Journal: The Salvage (Journal)

Crafting Motifs
Motif 115:
Y'ffre's Will
Motif 118: House Mornard

Bard Songs
Spirit of the Volcano


Crown Store Monetization

House Guests
Crafty Lerisa

Non-Combat Pets

Sweetgrape Dragon Frog "Sweettooth"
Mnemoflare Fabricant "Rootgnasher"
Crusader's Coin Chicken "Sir Bawk-Bawk"


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