Full Length Plays


A Borderlands Drama

A Full-Length Play (3M/2F) We are all told ghost stories as kids, but for children of the border, those stories are about more than just what goes bump in the night. They are very real warnings about the world outside their home. In the old cotton fields of Socorro, Texas, Enzo and Rosita have snuck away to write ghost stories, while Tony and Veronica are both building up the courage to tell the other a secret. Threatened by a creature in the darkness, these two generations will have to rely on each other and the voice of the repentant Tío Ofelio to escape the desert alive. It’ll take made-up-myths, stories of the past, and a rendition of La Llorona to defeat the very real monster stalking children in the borderlands.

Borderline was developed as part of Echo Theater Company's National Young Playwrights in Residence Program (LA), with further development at Milagro Theater (Portland, OR) and the University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso, TX).

The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home

An Adventure Play

A Full-Length Play (6M/3F) Andrea and Mateo Ortiz have always seen their abuelo as a hero, but when an ancient Zapotec God appears to them and reveals a dark family secret, the twins must journey back to the land of their ancestors to right a long-forgotten wrong. The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home is an otherworldly adventure play for all audiences, a fantasy rooted in the reality of crossing borders in order to recover memories, both personal and cultural, before they are gone for good.

Or, it’s like James and the Giant Peach, but everyone’s Mexican.

The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home was developed as part of Pipeline Theatre Company's 2019 PlayLab (NYC).

Sangre Mía

A Desert Drama

A Full-Length Play (4M/1F) Sangre Mía follows Carreon, a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, who has returned to his hometown of El Paso, Texas. Now working in Custom and Border Protection, Carreon is tasked with interviewing asylum seekers and navigating a rigid evaluation system all while specters from his past haunt him.

Sangre Mía was developed as part of The Playwrights Realm's Scratchpad Series (NYC) with previous development as part of Company One's 2018 Playwrighting Fellowship (Boston, MA).

Truth or Consequences

A Bureau Approved Play

A Full Length Play (2F, 1M, 2N) Thanks to budget cuts, two agents from The Bureau of [REDACTED] are going to have to share a dusty motel room in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Agent Chavez is on her way back to headquarters after having just lost her partner during a mission gone wrong and Agent Hogan is days away from retiring from the Bureau after twenty five years of service. They're both used to the budget cuts and their inconvenience, but what they don't know is that The Bureau may have put them directly in harms way. The El Dorado Motel is no ordinary motel. It will conjure the two Agent's darkest memories and regrets, because fear and vulnerability are its favorite meals.

Truth or Consequences was further developed as part of Fresh Ink Theatre Company's 2020/2021 Season (Boston, MA).


A Memory Play

A One-Act Play (1M/2 Any Gender) Tells the story of Mexican-American journalist Ruben Salazar. Ruben has a long history of writing for the LA Times and covering stories such as the American occupation of the Dominican Republic, the War in Vietnam, and the Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexico City, all leading up to his death at the Chicano Moratorium in LA in 1970. This is a history play told from his point of view, exploring the need for journalism that covers the stories of all those oppressed.

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